The Chakras are spinning wheels that simultaneously work with our energy body, and our physical body. Thus where we hold the most emotional stress in a specific chakra is where we tend to see illness develop, in corresponding organs or tissues.

They are 7 key chakras, that flow from the Root to the Crown. When they Chakras are balanced, life can feel effortless, fulfilled in all aspects – emotional, mental, physical. Mind, body and soul are aligned. A balanced Chakra system is like a steady stream. When it is unbalanced/misaligned (which can mean over or under active) life becomes challenging. This may be apparent on the surface, or you may have to dig deep to discover where your work lies. This is where yoga is such a powerful tool to explore the energy system, and why it has been practiced for thousands of years. As we move through physical postures, intentional breathing, and meditation we begin to connect with the Chakra System. Creating heat in the body, swirling the Chakras, moving and clearing energy. This allows us to feel our heart beat, our intuition and creates space for our enlightenment, discovery of self.

The 7 Key Chakras;

Root (Mulandhara); Located at the base of the spine, the roots of our being. Family, food, shelter, water, security are the fundamental aspects of this Chakra. An unbalanced Root Chakra may manifest physically as unexplained weight gain/loss, bowel irritation, depression, anxiety. Mulandhara is depicted with the colour red

Sacral (Svadhisthana); Located below the navel this Chakra represents creativity, sexual energy, freedom. An unbalanced Sacral Chakra may manifest physically as chronic low pain, reproductive issues, immense fear. Svadisthana  is depicted with the colour orange

Solar Plexus (Manipura); Located beneath the rib cage. This is the centre of our self-esteem, personal power and identity. An unbalanced Solar Plexus Chakra can manifest physically as digestive issues/pain, and metabolic issues. Manipura is depicted with the colour yellow

Heart (Anahata); Located at the centre of the chest, representing love, compassion and joy. And is the centre of the Chakras. The lower 3 chakras and physical work together, and the upper 3 upper chakras are more spiritual. The Heart Chakra is powerful all on its own. An unbalanced Heart Chakra may manifest as grief, heartache, co-dependency, heart disease, and manipulative behaviour. Anahata is depicted with the colour green

Throat (Vishuddha); Located in the throat, this is our centre of truth. It represents our ability to speak our truth, express ourselves, and is the 1st of the spiritual chakras. When balanced we sit in truthfulness and authenticity. An unbalanced Throat Chakra my manifest as a sore throat, neck/shoulder pain, or thyroid issues.  Vishuddha is depicted with the colour blue.

Third Eye (Ajna); Located at the centre of the brow, this is our intuition or our “sixth sense”. It represents our internal dialogue, perception or ourselves and the world around us, self-trust.  An unbalanced Third Eye Chakra may manifest physically as headaches or vision issues. Ajna is depicted with the colour indigo.

Crown (Sahasrara); Located at the top of the head, this is our connection with something greater than us (whatever that means for you). The all knowing, beyond the human experience. This is where we hold beliefs, and connection with the divine. An unbalanced Crown Chakra may manifest as hypersensitivity, or difficulty with day to day physical tasks, “head in the clouds”. Sahasrara is depicted with the colour violet, or white.

By Holly Anderson

Seven chakras on meditating yogi man silhouette, vector illustration